Wednesday, April 1, 2015

proof eyewear // smoke bomb shoot

i did a fun shoot for proof eyewear on top of table rock using smoke bombs, featuring the ada and proof's new apparel. lance was the one to come up with the idea and i loved how it turned out. we're going to do another one using stronger smoke bombs because these were kind of duds. i wish my sister lived here so i could use her for all our shoots! she is moving to florida so i guess if i have to, i'll just go there to take pictures and film her. 


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

my yearly blossom post

^of course i included cuba girl!

 while my sis was in town, we wanted to do a photoshoot with the blossoms. this is my dream every year but it's pretty hard to get tanner to take pictures with me and flowers. soooo crystal and i went for a drive to find some orchards but got scared because most of them were private. this resulted in the photos being taken right in front of my house and in the backyard haha. i think i tribute a post to spring blossoms every year.. they are too pretty not to. i love the smell when i go for a run or take cuba on a walk. i wish it lasted longer than a couple weeks so i soak it up as much as i can!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

sissy time

my sister came to visit me while tanner was gone. i can't get enough time with her. she is the most positive, genuinely sweet girl to be around. i was just telling her tonight how tanner is the only person in this world that i could be around 24/7 and not get tired of him, and she came in at a close second ;) i feel very protective of her. i think it's given me a tiny perspective of what i will be like with my own children. i feel the need to give her advice about everything, although i know she needs to experience life and grow on her own. i just can't see her get hurt. she has a huge heart but it doesn't take much to break it. i feel the need to protect that. she is a beautiful girl with so much confidence and potential. i think every girl needs a sister. there is nothing in the world like it!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

switzerland // st. moritz

since our trip to switzerland was short, we did most of our sight seeing from the trains. honestly, not a bad way to see so much beautiful countryside while staying cozy and warm. the closer we got to st. moritz, the heavier the snow became and we started seeing more people enjoying outdoor snow activities. we really wanted to go tobogganing but didn't have time. i loved seeing the horse drawn sleigh in the field and people cross country skiing like it was no ones business. 

^our hotel, which thankfully had a sauna and hot tub that we enjoyed every night. 

 ^cha, cha, cha, chocolate!

 ^this cracked me up. we were picking out chocolate and i turned around for 2 seconds then to turn back to see this. it's serious business.

we traveled to st. moritz from lauterbrunnen and although it wasn't my ideal quaint town, it was pretty amazing. it reminded me a lot of park city or sun valley. there was most definitely a lot of money in the city and it was fun walking around people watching. everyone was dressed from head to toe in fur and super expensive looking outfits. i'll post pictures of the ski resort but we took those on our phone because duh, i wasn't going to lug around my DSLR. we had THE most amazing skiing of our lives in st. moritz.

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