Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the philippines - day 4

^we went to a 'secret beach' that you could only get to by swimming through this hole. it was THEE coolest experience. i wish i had a water camera to have been able to get pictures inside. 

^we were in the sun all day and within an hour i started looking red, even after lathering on sunscreen. after melanoma, i try not to take any chances. so a white long sleeved shirt it is! 

 i know i am not a good writer. i wish i could dig deep in my brain to sound profound and paint a picture of the experience but, it's not my specialty. i even get annoyed when i read my own writing so i apologize. 
we went island hopping and spent the whole day on a boat taking us around to different islands. i was thankful that i never got sea sick and got to enjoy everything. we did a lot of snorkeling and swimming. we swam in some gorgeous lagoons. i mentioned it before, but the water was so warm and never got cold no matter how long you were in it. i loved that. we saw two large sea turtles and ate an incredible lunch. besides swimming in the lagoons, my favorite part was seeing the amazing blue water. some parts were crystal clear with so many different shades of blues and greens. absolutely beautiful. i crashed at about 8:30 that night. there is nothing better than being exhausted from having too much fun. 
i've honestly missed the philippines a lot. it was dreamy. i hope so badly that something brings us back there again one day. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

the philippines - day 3

^our abode.

^dog whisperer. 3 seconds later i almost had a heart attack when they ran at me full speed. tanner said i looked terrified but one time in costa rica, i was on the beach watching tanner surf and a mutt attacked me and freaked me out. it was honestly just wanting to play but it was aggressive and bit me and ripped my towel. stray dogs break my heart, but scare me to death now. 

^a little taste of heaven. fresh mango shake. 

^the best thing about island life is the slow pace. i think we spent 2 hours at breakfast this day. we just sat and looked out at the ocean. i saw a few turtles poking their heads out of the water but it became a joke because no one else would see them. i would see one and hurry to tell everyone to look but they would slip back under the water before anyone else saw. we sipped fresh fruit shakes and ate leftover pork sautéed in peppers and just enjoyed conversation with one another.

 ^our crew. (left to right) tanner, me, klea, jim, rambo, nenyow, jim, kristen

^it ended up raining all afternoon but it was quite romantic. this whole trip was romantic. i don't like using that word but i've never been in such 'la la land.' while it was raining, the couples from our group went out in to the ocean because it was still warm. we looked around and started laughing because every couple on the beach was in the water being all romantic. in between swimming, we vegged and hung out. we had an awesome crab feast for lunch. it was so good and so messy. it stopped raining and cleared up enough to bless us with an incredible sunset. i wish pictures did it justice but it just doesn't. that night we took a boat over to a french couples house who invited us all over for a bbq. we had met them the day before and next thing we knew, they were hosting us with one of the best meals i've ever had. their set up was rad. they had the place lit up with tiki torches and brought us up to their balcony to watch the final minutes of the sunset. the french guy was a dj and had good beats playing. the mood was perfect. we spent a few hours there then had a boat take us back to our cottage. tanner and i took a dip in the ocean before bed... heh heh. it was a great day.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

the philippines - day 2

 ^we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. i thought the island was pretty with clouds, but a bluebird day was something else. the colors on the island were so vibrant. we went on a morning run, saw some rice fields, lots of adorable kids going to school, got all sweaty, then ran into the ocean to cool off. i loved the feeling of going into warm water and being able to stay in it without ever getting cold. it was a nice change from boise's freezing rivers and lakes. we had another delicious breakfast and then tanner and i walked around the island for a little bit before we left to our next destination. i was sad to leave so quickly but i didn't know what was in store next. 

^this is el nido. it was incredible. i think all of our mouths dropped when we arrived. it was dusk and the water was calm. the mood was so zen.. which was nice because to get there was a 4 hour drive of winding roads and bumps.. i had to lay down for most of it which was unfortunate because what i did see, was gorgeous. we were treated to a dinner of a roasted pig and rice. the hospitality of the philippines was unreal. with a belly full of pork, i crashed in our beach cottage.