Friday, August 12, 2011

birthday boy

tanner turned 26 on the 10th. he came home from his california coast trip late the night before and woke me up with a bouquet of flowers and a 'lil fun. (he knows the ways to my heart)  we're currently living with brooks and cristi in boise until we figure out what's next...
our roommates took us out to sushi in downtown boise and then we walked around to look at the art that was being painted on old buildings. we came home and had cake (pinterest) and homemade ice cream. tanner opened a few gifts from me but brooks upped me, waaaay upped me, by giving him 'beats by dre' and a desktop computer. ok, so brooks entered a contest and won $25 thousand dollars worth of HP goodies.. and we have all benefited from it.
life is good. 

seattle flowers

our roomies

wishes still come true

homemade ice cream



  1. who made those cute mason jar desserts!? so adorable those are all over pinterest. did you make them? and who made the fluff ball thingies? so cute!


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