Thursday, September 8, 2011

bikram yoga

i signed myself up for a 20 day bikram yoga class. in other words, hot yoga. cristi has done it for awhile and has told me how much she likes it. she blogged about her first time going and this was her reaction..
I am completely IN LOVE with this type of yoga. My mind is more clear, I feel relaxed, stretched, and when I walk out of there I feel like I just endured a marathon and am on cloud nine!
 it's about 105 degrees in this stinky humid room. i'm drenched head to toe in sweat, and like cristi, i manage to love it. today was my second day and i'm already seeing some improvement. i'm the most un-flexible person in the world and this will hopefully help!
cheers to my yogi friends!



  1. i wanna go too! where do you go and how much is the class?!

  2. yes...let's keep this going...I am feeling AWESOME!

  3. i am a yogi junkie!! bikram is my favorite! most favorite way EVER to tone up the bod.


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