Sunday, September 4, 2011


tanner and i got callings in the ward to teach the 7 year olds. i was excited to except the calling because we both love kids. after today, i think we've decided to wait a looong time before we have our own.  they are CRAZY! our class consists of all boys (7 of them) who love computers, nintendo, and being obnoxious. 
i told tanner i think it's time to move..

on a better note, i had a lot of time to think this past week. my sister-in-law, cristi, took a class with her husband and one of the exercises they did was to take 5 minutes eating a raisin. the point was to notice all the detail that we take for granite. i tried to pay attention to the small details around me that i normally would't think twice about. 

 the water was glass all week!

 i wanna grow old with you

 i never really look up when i lay out, but it's really pretty
but looking to my left is prettier


  1. Great photos! But I think you guys need to stay in moving!

  2. Beautiful pictures Dar! I can't even imagine what you will do with that new camera Tanner is going to buy you! It was great seeing you!


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