Friday, September 23, 2011

rough morning

every once in a while i'm destined to have an off day. today was that day.. and off it was. 
my boss asked me two weeks ago to watch her kids at 5:45 this morning. 
 i had a sleepless night, waking up every hour just to check the clock. i didn't want to be late because my boss informed me that her husband is very punctual about time and will probably be waiting at the front door if i'm a minute late. 
to make a long story short.. i was over an hour late.. and her husband was waiting at the door. 
apparently my phone decided to freeze in the middle of the night so my alarm never went off. then, when i woke up in a panic, my phone decided to completely turn off and not turn back on so i couldn't even call them. 
anyways, i was greeted at the door with a polite "the kids are in bed. you can make them eggs or french toast." then he was off. 
well, i made them their french toast and got them on the bus all in one piece.

as i was driving over to their house, i tried practicing a calming technique i learned from my yoga class. i don't think it works in real life.
so instead i thought of things that make me happy in life.. 

 road trips
 nature and hiking. but, more nature than hiking

 ice cream
marrying this guy



  1. that sucks. your boss sounds ridiculous with expectations like that. i wouldnt have even showed up and if i did i woulda made them have cereal, haha. good job dar! is your yoga class over yet?

  2. haha it was a crazy morning! my last yoga class is monday. you should google "bikram yoga, boise" and all the info will come up. sarah! how are you beautiful girl?!!

  3. You are so cute...I just love you!


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