Friday, October 21, 2011

my camera came in this week!! and i was happy to have a short day at work so i could come home and play with it. 
i wanted to go for a walk so i asked tan if he wanted to come. tanner has been sweet and going on walks with me lately.
  (maybe he just needs a break from the garage, but i'll pretend that he realllly wants to be with me)
i love the fall. but who doesn't??
 come tanner. i will show you life outside of the garage. 

golden comments this week:

brooks and cristi's dog was whining in the backyard and cristi said "is that tanner?" 
she was serious

nixon handed me the pancake mix so i made him pancakes. when i sat him down with his plate he had the biggest smile and kept saying "thank you, thank you, thank you!"
he's only 19 months..

golden moments this week:

my camera coming in the mail! 
justin biebers "mistletoe" preview. 
waking up at 1 a.m. to look over and see tanner playing a game on his ipad. 
going to the pumpkin patch.
taking a nap after the pumpkin patch.
getting told i look like jane fonda in her younger years. what? and thank you.
tanner and i taking nixon on a walk.
tanner and i eating at the bbq stand.. finally. 



  1. Love your blog Dar!!! Miss our library chats and so so glad to finally hear about your life!

  2. i heard you got the canon 5d! dude thats awesome i bet you're stoked! looks like living with family pays off in other ways ;)

  3. Welcome to the 5d club...we can be shooting buddies now...and make even more millions. ;)

  4. and yes...I really did think it was tanner... haha


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