Thursday, November 17, 2011

the good stuff

 it's a little sad that fall is already over. there are still some pretty leaves on the trees here, but it sure is getting cold. at least lots of good things come once it's cold.
and it's a good thing i love the snow.
i can't wait to spend thanksgiving with my in-laws. getting together with the dames is always so much fun. the five brothers are so funny and loud. it's always a good time.
this year we're finally going to my parents for christmas. 
it's been three years since i've been home for christmas. there's lots of laughing, sleeping, eating, watching movies and getting catered to when i'm home. 
i love my big family.

pictures taken by cristi at truly, modly, deeply


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  1. where on earth did you get your sweater/dress? it's adorable and you look bomb!



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