Thursday, December 1, 2011

let it snow

just finished off my second glass of ovaltine today. i sure do love that stuff. always makes me think of 'a christmas story.' which i'm hoping will be on tv soon since it's finally december. two nights ago i was flipping through the channels and told my husband that it's weird there haven't been any christmas movies on yet. then he reminded me it wasn't even december. now it is and i'm anticipating the snow. it's a bluebird day outside but very cold. i think we may go up to mccall this weekend where the snow is and play in that beautiful stuff. i have been told that boise has mild winters and i'm bummed about that. i perfer that white stuff to be up to my knees. 
you know, somthin a little like this...

this is my house just a few years ago. bliss i tell ya.


  1. haha yep idaho is much different than utah. you will never get snow like that. but it is possible in mccall :) enjoy it for me!

  2. Me too! If it's going to be cold then there should be at least a foot of snow on the ground right? As a kid we watched "A Christmas Story" every year, it's kind of a must for me too.


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