Thursday, January 26, 2012


my post tonight is a boring and plain, but i've had a BUSY day. i did three sets of eyelashes and then looked at houses and now we're headed out the door to mccall for some skiiiiiiing. oh yeah, i even called on a person who is selling their bull dog puppies. and this is what took up my day. i was really excited about a house we went to look at today. it was built in 1910 but was remodeled. it has so much character and was located in a great place just 2 minutes from the city. i was so bummed to find out it was on the corner of one of the busiest streets in boise! it had a gorgeous wrap around porch, wrap around windows in the kitchen, wood floors, you know, all the good fixings.
i don't know if i'll get over it. 
anyways, if you're like me, i eat ice cream to cope with my problems and then try to find something good to watch on hulu. but, if you already have your ice cream and need something good to watch, check out my latest wedding video "short" at:

this also makes me happy


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  1. dar, where was this house at? sounds cool! we looked at houses today too, and got a car. anyway, can you do my eye lashes? fo real. TEXT ME OR SOMETHING!


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