Monday, January 23, 2012


 gas station food, is the best food

 sissy sue with her steak and lobster

we took a semi-unexpected trip to utah this last weekend. once we were there, we realized it was the sundance film festival so we took an unexpected trip to park city. and then we ran into mario lopez unexpectedly. sometimes unexpected things are the best way to do things. it was such a good time! 
we weren't in a hurry for anything and we could just enjoy our time there. we met up with my sister, crystal, and her boyfriend, chase, for dinner. i ordered pasta, like usual, and she ordered steak and lobster... i feel bad for chase :)
then we went to see estef whom we haven't seen in over 2 years!  she is the same silly mexican i've always known (except she is still in missionary mode after six months of being home.)
we were able to catch up on our lives while strolling main street for hours.
if it weren't for the cold, we'd still be there.


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