Wednesday, February 8, 2012

blue man

we are going to las vegas on sunday for magic's fashion trade show. i was getting in the mood by wearing my blue, very blue pants today. we will be there over our anniversary (2 years!) and valentines. we are trying to decide going to a show or dinner.. it's pretty spendy down there. i think we made up our minds to go to the "tournament of the kings." super romantic right? but, it's something we've both wanted to do for a long time. and this way we get dinner AND a show! this will be our third time going to this show for the proof sunglasses and it's a lot of fun! can't wait!


  1. We're visiting las Vegas right now too! Here for my husbands work :). I grew up in Vegas and I have to tell ya that the tournament of kings isn't so fabulous... The food isn't that good there either. It used to be a whole lot better but when we went like a year ago I was so let down!! Blue man group is awesome though :).

  2. We went to Tournament of the Kings last year for Vday!!'s fun, but it's true. After seeing other shows and dinner shows, I have to say it's not the best! But it's a fun experience! :) Have fun! Wish I could come to Magic :(

  3. aw, just adore your look. you are too cute. i'm a huge fan of the colored jeans. still need to get me some of those. have so much fun in las vegas! :)
    xo TJ

  4. i would love to steal your blue pants :)

  5. thank you girls for the heads up! i'm a little bummed to hear that's it's not that great, but i'm glad we won't waste our money on it either!

    i got the blue pants from ross :)

  6. Lovin' the colored jeans!!! Just bought a red pair and a hot pink pair. Might have to get the bright blue pair now....


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