Thursday, February 16, 2012

magic trade show

i mentioned in my last posts that we were in vegas for a fashion trade show called "magic." i realized that i keep talking about it, but i haven't really shown pictures or talked about what magic is. basically, just about every clothing, accessory, and shoe brand is there to promote their new lines coming out. i love going and i love to see what great things are coming out. did i mention this show is HUGE?? it's nearly impossible to see every booth. there are miles and miles and rows and rows of stuff. proof was in a section called "pool" which is newer brands looking for recognition and to be put into stores. we had great success and had some awesome accounts! we drove to utah after the show but didn't arrive until 2 in the morning and then we had to leave by 7 to get to boise at noon. we were so tired. so so tired. this show is excited but also exhausting. i think we will sleep well tonight :)



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