Sunday, February 12, 2012

on saturday

 i wanted to take a picture of the shark eating tanners head but a little girl came up to me when i snapped the photo and this is what i got. he LOVES kids and lights up when they're around.

 floral over kill
we made it to vegas this afternoon! we listened to "catching fire" on the drive down and it went by pretty quick. it was crazy to have nearly 70 degree weather yesterday in utah and then to wake up to snow! i thought i was used to utah weather, but it seems to trick me all the time. 
well, we set up the booth tonight and it looks great! i can't wait to share some pictures of the show! tomorrow is also our 2 year anniversary. i think i'll spare the mushy stuff that no one truly cares to read and just say, i love tanner. 
we spent saturday in provo and went to the byu basketball game and then to the riverwoods. while we were there we checked out one of the stores (called to surf) that carries proofs sunglasses. it was awesome to see they were almost sold out! they also had a lot of really cute floral clothes that i wish i had some mula for. i'll stick to my clearance rack at ross for now. i love floral right now and think i'll be adding a lot to my wardrobe soon :) how was your weekend?

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