Monday, February 6, 2012

over the weekend

 thanks to our point and shoot camera for giving us pretty vampire thirsty eyes

over the weekend we met with our chilean friends at chandlers steak house. we don't even eat at fancy places for special occasions soooo we both ordered a salad. our meal still cost more then usual at any other restaurant. after the steak house, we met up with shane and india to go bowling and we were still pretty hungry. that burger and fries you see right there is one of the best burger and fries i've ever had. bowling alley food always seems to be good. it could be due to the extra grease, i don't know. as you can tell, friday night was fun. on saturday i went to a bridal show to do some videography networking. i'm glad i went and i made some great contacts. and on sunday i did what every american did. i fell asleep during the game.

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  1. bowling alley fries are delicious! Sounds like you had a great weekend.


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