Monday, March 12, 2012


proof got a ping pong table in their office but i've never cared too much for the game.. until now. tanner and i make bets when we play and this has made me step up my game. i'm still terrible, like i am at all sports, but i finally won a match! and we just so happened to bet on who gets to pick where we eat on our weekend date night. no wonder i won..
i've been wanting to check out this japenese steak house called kyoto so yeah, we went there. after we got some ice-cream at the good 'ol fancy freeze. and then, we came home and watched hulu. these are our date nights and i wouldn't trade them for anything.


  1. yummy i love that place! i went there for high school prom haha. classy

  2. i love kyotos. and like lisa, yes, that is where all the kids went for dances haha. so fun.


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