Wednesday, March 7, 2012

that man

tanner cracks me up. i laugh at him several times a day. yesterday when we left the gym we passed a game store and saw a sign saying they are buying back ipods, ipads, iphones, ect...
tanner said "oh, they buy back ipods, ipads, and iphones, but what about iturkeys? i'm going to bring them an iturkey and ask them if they buy iturkeys." haha what??! and more often than not, when he is using the restroom he makes up songs. usually they are along the lines of "pooper scooper on my shoe. pooper scooper go to school." i love tanner more than anything and i love that he can make me laugh at anything. 

p.s. please don't tell him i wrote about the restroom thing :)


  1. i really, really love hearing about the weird things couples do when they're home alone...i know that sounds creepy, but i feel like there's this goofy side that comes out when husbands and wives aren't around anyone else! anyways, david and i have this weird...noise that we make when one of us is peeing and we know the other one can hear. it cracks me up every time. being married is just the most fun.

  2. the songs sound awesome. :) looking cute as always.


  3. Haha he reminds me of Brady. He always makes stuff up and talks in mexican, scotish, indian, australian - you name it - accents. And he says the most bizzare things but yet they are hilarious. I think they should be friends.

  4. hahaha sounds like spence. i'm obsessed with your hair.


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