Tuesday, April 3, 2012

in looove

i settled on this little beauty :)

i drive by this store called the "shabby house" all the time. today i decided to pop in and it may have been a bad decision.. i wanted everything! i bought this cute bird cage and it got me thinking of my friend brit conley. her friends and family know her at "britbird." she battled melanoma cancer last year and has a dream of working in orphanages in south america. with your help, that could be possible! please watch the video here, and if you feel so inclined to donate, it would be much appreciated! anything helps! 



  1. What what a powerful video! She is such an inspiration. And great finds by the way, love that bird cage.

  2. DAR! wow, thank you...you don't understand how much I appreciate this! I have that bird cageeeee but it's mint green :) LOVE YOU SO MUCH thankyouthankyouthankyou <3


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