Tuesday, May 1, 2012

rollin the night away

i always tell myself not to try new dishes when i invite friends over for  dinner.. but i still do. sometimes they turn out really good, other times they don't. tan and i have been wanting to try homemade sushi so i watched a few youtube tutorials, grabbed some recipes online, and figured i knew what i was doing.
i couldn't find any bamboo pads so we had to roll them by hand. i also used long rice which doesn't get very sticky. trying to fry them in tempura batter was funny. i substituted eel sauce with teriyaki, which was fine, but it had a slightly different taste. we used smoked salmon, crab salad and coconut shrimp as our fish. nothing raw. all in all, it all turned out good, thanks to everyone's help! it wasn't restaurant status, yet. but you just wait, we want to give it another try next week :) we topped off our japanese night with a very traditional chocolate chip cookie-reeses-brownie dessert. recipe found here. thanks drew and megan for bringing dumplings and edamame! a double thanks to megan for giving me a super sexy swimsuit! it's adorable and i can't wait to wear it!!


  1. dar it was so fun and thanks for making that bomb dessert, haha. i'm glad you like the swimsuit because i bet it looks super sexy on you!

  2. oh delicious, but def gotta get the raw tuna and JASMINE rice. thats the best for sushi. and make a spicy tuna sauce if you like spicy. i have a recipe on my blog and tt. looks good though, yum yum. i want that coconut shrimp!!! and that dessert looks so bomb. glad you had fun with friends!!

  3. good work on the tempura! impressed

  4. thanks girls! lisa, we did use jasmine rice and added the vinegar/sugar stuff, but it still wasn't that perfect sticky. how did you do it?! help!! ill look harder for tuna next time, yum!

  5. OMG YUM!!!!!!!!!!! to bad you were on a juice fast last time i was in town ;)


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