Friday, June 1, 2012

i love my roses

when i first got married, i had imagined my home having fresh flowers weekly. so that's what i did. i spent money at the store on fresh flowers every week. tanner didn't like this because he said "it was a waste of money because they just die." i decided to stop because he's right and they are not cheap. now i live in a little house that has lots of rose bushes outside! i'm so happy to be able to fill my want of having fresh flowers in the home all the time. i can refill my vase as many times as i want :)


  1. Are those your roses that you planted? They are SO gorgeous! I also love your jewels with you white watch BTW:) So adorable!

  2. all of these images are absolutely beautiful!
    so jealous! i wish i could be surrounded by beautiful flowers like this all the time!
    xo TJ


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