Friday, February 15, 2013

a valentine brag..

from my sweets. snowboard pants, chocolates, and a crest kit of course ;) he knows i love crest products and he knows a whole kit is the way to my heart. 

<<< aren't my new snowboard pants the best?! i actually had already bought them, but then they got stolen. i was sad about it and must have brought it up a lot because tanner got them again for me. true love. true true love. and then, that's what i wore to dinner >>>

 ^incredible shrimp appetizer               ^incredible steak & lobster              ^incredible filet minon                  ^incredible dessert

i took these pictures on my phone and didn't spend the time to size them to fit nicely. BUT, awesome experience. tanner secretly made early reservations to barbacoa!

if i haven't rubbed it in enough from the pictures... now i'm going to talk about it. we combined our anniversary (the 13th, happy 3 years to us!) and valentines, like we do most years. but this year was pretty great. i'll fill you in a little. the last two years we've been in vegas for trade shows. and you would think that'd be a fun place to spend these special days, it's not. we were always too tired to celebrate after spending all day at the show. and, well, let's just say, tanner has REALLY stepped it up from our first year being married. he told me he made dinner reservations and my mouth probably dropped from shock. A. reservations meant nice restaurant B. tanner doesn't like spending money on food because he says it just goes through you. on valentines morning he told me we were going to barbacoa, a place i've been wanting to try since we moved here.. a year in a half ago. barbacoa had the entire restaurant adorned with roses. i mean, hundreds and hundreds of roses. they gave each of the girls their own vase of a dozen. we enjoyed our menu of 4 courses. all of it was insane. so good! they even lit tanners filet on fire.  so. cool. the whole experience was incredible. we were planning on seeing a movie after but with a full belly, we decided to go home and watch hulu in bed. we watched shows we haven't seen yet for a good 4 hours or so. it was nice having tanner's 100% attention yesterday. he is so busy with work that even when he's home, he's usually working. the whole day was perfect and i am so in love with tanner, it's ridiculous. i'm proud of him and am grateful for all that he does for me. he is an incredible man and i'm lucky to have him.


  1. This is so sweet. You guys are perfect!

    And I LOVE your outfit for dinner. :)

    Makes me so excited to be chilling with my hubs someday!

  2. Nice job Tanner! We are excited for Shark Tank this week! :)

  3. so romantic! i heard great things about that restaurant. and love the pants glad he replaced them :)

  4. I love your Valentines/Anniversary outfit! That restaurant sounds amazing; glad you had a nice night!

  5. Where did you get those snowboard pants??


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