Tuesday, March 31, 2015

my yearly blossom post

^of course i included cuba girl!

 while my sis was in town, we wanted to do a photoshoot with the blossoms. this is my dream every year but it's pretty hard to get tanner to take pictures with me and flowers. soooo crystal and i went for a drive to find some orchards but got scared because most of them were private. this resulted in the photos being taken right in front of my house and in the backyard haha. i think i tribute a post to spring blossoms every year.. they are too pretty not to. i love the smell when i go for a run or take cuba on a walk. i wish it lasted longer than a couple weeks so i soak it up as much as i can!


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  1. Cuba girl could have rocked some sunglasses well! I love your blog- I am a fan and just would love to be you. You give out beautiful energy, strength, and beauty. My God are you bad bitch (; 💜


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