Saturday, August 22, 2015

el salvador // first day

we left our adorable air bnb rental in guatemala around 6 AM and i don't think any of us were happier to get off our bus than when we arrived at our rental in el salvador. the drive was quite long (although very pretty) but the driver never turned the air conditioning on and it got so hot and humid. i will always love central america, but i don't do well when i am overly hot. it can definitely break me. we got into that pool as fast as we could and it felt so refreshing. the rest of the day was spent eating papusas and rice, hanging out talking (and who am i kidding, we had wifi so we were on our phones a lot) spending time at the beach and relaxing. the beach outside of our rental was not the prettiest and littered with garbage but it was beautiful in it's own different way. i never even got into the ocean because i heard the current was quite strong and at one point taylor got swept out and said he has never been so scared. i'm a wuss and always play it safe so hearing taylor say that made me stick to the pool. the town we stayed in was tiny and one you could walk through in two minutes. i kind of loved it though. we were in the heart of their culture. tanner, taylor and i went to grab food for everyone one afternoon and weren't sure if we'd even come back with some.. we finally found a little "resturaunt" in the back of someones home and ate our meals in a fly infested, dog territory, balcony overlooking the ocean. we literally had at least six dogs surrounding us watching us eat and one made me sick to look at. i'm pretty sure it had been hit by a car and it's leg was bent in a way it should not have been. i kept thinking there is no way anyone would eat what we brought back if they knew where it came from. no one got sick, i think.. it always amazes me to see how different other cultures are and what they know to be the norm. these people didn't know any different then what their living circumstances were and most likely never would. i've seen this a lot over the last few years i've been able to travel. it always, always, makes me appreciate home more. 


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