Sunday, October 2, 2011

it's golden time

golden comments this week:
"i think that dinner last night made my stomach hurt." 
-taylor, the morning of his wedding. 

"you aren't princess dar anymore, now it's princess ana." 
-mccall, my niece. also the morning of the wedding. 
guess i got dethroned :(

 "too often we pray to have patience, but we want it right now." 
- robert d. hales

and.. getting told TWICE that i should be a vampire from twilight.

 golden moment this week:
watching my brother-in-law, taylor, get married to ana. 

we went to utah for the week for taylor and ana's wedding. (pictures to come) it was beautiful of course. so were all the colors of the trees in the mountains. we stayed busy with back to back activities the entire time and enjoyed all of them. i love the dame family. i am blessed to be a part of them. 

proof update: earlier in the week we had a proof product shoot.. here's the new model "the gatos."

while we were there, i got my eyelashes done by a good friend, summer green. i love them! she is one talented mother! she does photography, eyelashes, sells tutu's, while raising a two year old.  i vented a while back about being stuck in a rut. she has inspired me to just do whatever you want. and i think, i'm going to do just that. whatever i want.



  1. love these shots and your outfit! gorgeous. AND i cant wait to see your lashes. can you do mine now? PLEASE!

  2. This post totally made me tear up. I know! I am a big BIG baby, but for some reason it just made me really happy! =) thanks for the shout out! You're the best!


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