Monday, October 3, 2011


is it just me? or do other peoples lives revolve around their hair?
in high school/early college years, i would wake up at 5 am, yes 5 am, just to do my hair. i'm so grateful the "do nothing to your hair" look is in right now. and i love my sleep.
cristi and i were talking about our this, and how we have to make plans around it. like going to the gym. you can't go to the gym if you straightened/curled/actually gave it attention that day. we were both going to hot room yoga and pretty much didn't style our hair for 20 days. 
don't know why i'm posting about this, maybe it's because i got mine cut today. i was asked to be a hair model for a class where people got to stare at me for 2 hours. i may have felt a little awkward..
and i wish i could say i love my new 'do, but it will take some getting used to. 
i wasn't ready to have short bangs, but bam, one second they're long, the next their gone. 
and i kinda feel like george washington with them.
i was also told they were going to keep my length. that wasn't quite true either. not sure how you can keep length by taking 3 inches off. oh well, it will be fun for a change :)



  1. maybe they had to cut off damage? i hate when hair people say that. i always want mine as long as possible! it looks beautiful dar! so it looks like side swooped bangs, ya? i've been needing a change myself. hair has always been an issue with me, haha. you will make a lovely hair model!

  2. Looks beautiful!! Love your cute face!

  3. i love it! still looks super long to me! i was thinking of cutting bangs. haha why george washington? haha!

  4. Prolly because your hair is the most amazing thing on the planet. Loooove it!


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