Tuesday, October 4, 2011

oh the holidays

is it okay that i listened to christmas music this morning? no? well, i did (and i saw christmas decor in wal-mart, so some people approve.) it finally felt like fall today with the rain and the cooler temperatures. it got me feeling quite jolly since i got to be all cozy in a sweater and a scarf all day. i may have gotten a little ahead of myself with the christmas music but it cheered up my morning of cleaning. now it's time to buy a pumpkin spice candle and bust out the pumpkin cookies. 
oh how i love the holidays.



  1. oh my heck i miss all fall and winter attire so much :( enjoy it for me :((((

  2. o i love this outfit. and don't you just love how all the fly girls commented on this post? we think the same. great outfit - megs did the exact same thing on this exact day (she emailed me and told me so i know the facts heehee). ps your hair is still wicked long and the bangs are subtle - you look great.

    show tanner our videos - i think he'll like them from ecuador since they're all in spanish: http://vimeo.com/spritzvisuals/videos



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