Sunday, October 9, 2011

it's golden time

golden comments this week:
"women who are over sized, accessorize."
-lady from work

"i am a photographer. i can use any kind of camera and take a great shot."
-guy from website  
gotta love people like that

me to our primary class: "did you enjoy conference last weekend?"
boy from class: "yes. what kind of castle would you get if you had to choose between.. blah blah blah."

golden moment this week:
ordering a mud pie last night only to be presented with a "mile high" mud pie. it was huge! and a fun surprise.

laurie ruth photography, also known as, laurie, lou, or cousin.. took these photos of tanner and i while we were in utah for her portfolio. she has talent my friends!

oh gotta run, kims fairytale wedding is on

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