Monday, October 10, 2011


i changed my blog name. and it could change again..
i don't know what i'm going to do when we start having kids! but then again, my parents didn't name me until two months after i was born. 
cristi and i signed up for boot camp and had our first class tonight. probs to true boot campers! we're in high hopes of getting a cabo san lucas body before thanksgiving. eek!   
we were discussing blog names on the way home from our first class and this one kinda stuck. for now.
so this is the reason for the name change. 

this little face was called "baby girl" for two months thanks to these two. i love ya mother dearest and daddio!


  1. you already have a rockin bod crazy head and you don't need to lose weight! are you doing that to train for your marathon or something? by the way, those pics from your guys photo shoot are STUNNING. your relative did a great job. i hope you're not too sick of modeling because i wanna use you too ;)

  2. if you lose weight i think you will die. just get stronger :)

  3. Yes- I love your mom's hair...and that she it looks like she is doing the "rock on" signal.


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