Thursday, October 27, 2011

meggies love

my friend, megan, owns an etsy shop called meggies love! megan has a lot of talent and hand crafts the cutest things. it was a privilege to model her new winter items for her. go check it out! 
and don't be surprised if you end up buying her whole line!

message in a bottle.. my personal favorite!
(little note says: "i love you") 



  1. thanks dar! you are so gosh dang sexy! i need you to model again for me asap-more hats! and some vintage clothes :) let me know when you can! you the best!

  2. hi darlene :) I hopped on over from Megan's blog because I recognized you from her Meggie's Love pics! (please don't be creeped out) If I'm right, we carpooled together from Rexburg to Utah for an Angels and Airwaves concert in 2008...small world :)

    You are look gorgeous as EVER sporting Megan's new items...she does fantastic work. Just bought a hat of hers a couple weeks ago and I may or may not wear it every other day ;)

  3. Dar, you're such babe! I really think modeling could be a future for you :) but really. p.s. i loved the color post about the note from the boy in high school.. I sat for a minute trying to think of who it could be but I quickly gave up because of the countless admirers you always had!


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