Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ol' yella

i have realized that i don't wear color too often. i seem to stick to my blacks, grays, and whites. 
well, i want this to change so i put on my ol' yella sweater today and got TWO compliments :) thank you. 
this post just reminded me of a "love note" i got from a boy my sophomore year of high school.
in it he asked:
"what are your favorite colors? mine are black, gray, and white. but i guess those are shades, so my favorite color is green. and i think i love you." 
i have turned into the boy from my sophomore year. 

(my two best pictures were of me walking to and from my posing spot...)

what are these sunglasses you ask? okay, maybe you didn't ask.. BUT, these are a new model for the girls line over at proof. they are called "the gatos" and really cute. obviously. 
word on the street is there will be a giveaway once i get a 100 followers :) 


  1. that new model is very cute! and so are you :)

  2. You know, it's not a bad thing those "shades" are some of your favorite color, for us red heads, sometimes that's just what looks best on my humble opinion anyway.

  3. well you rocked that yellow sweater. Mmmmm, i love yellow :)

    i enjoyed taking a peak back at your most recent posts! And i'm excited to keep up with ya :) especially if by following it'll get you closer to 100 followers...and then doing the giveaway for those sunglasses!! :)


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