Tuesday, November 1, 2011

caramel apples

i think it's time to have kids so we can spice halloween up a little bit. 
our night consisted of going out to dinner with some friends and then driving
around to watch people trick or treat.. like creepers.
we came back home to make caramel apples and watch a scary movie. 
it was a nice night but i think tanner would agree with me, it's just not the same.
there's something about seeing the excitement of children that make the holidays golden and memorable. 

oh, and i'm NOT hinting at us having kids anytime soon. 


  1. Ok girl, your caramel apples look yummy, but I'm going to have to come over and we'll make the most delicious, professional-looking (but easy) caramel apples EVAH. Sounds like a girl night to me!

  2. oh come on Dar... don't you think it's about time to get knocked up? :)

  3. Landon and I were saying the same thing this Halloween... and your caramel apples look yummy!

  4. the year that you enjoy caramel apples on Halloween with a little one in your arm is going to be the sweetest one yet :) But for now, enjoy the "just the 2 of us time" for sure :) Glad you had a good Halloween! I loved watching the trick or treaters this year!...made me all sorts of nostalgic :)


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