Friday, December 2, 2011


tanner and i are now officially sharing an office. i didn't realize this until there was an extra desk in his office this morning.. 
usually i sit on the couch, love sack, bed, fireplace mantle with a pillow under my bum... anywhere that's comfy to get my work done. this has always kind of bugged tanner. i really don't like sitting at a desk. never have. he says i get on un-productive websites easier (eh hem.. facebook) when i'm not in an office atmosphere. i have defended myself over and over about this until today.
today i realized he is right. i spend too much time on facebook. and pinterest. and shopping. and BLOGGING. but, i love it. knowing he is right behind me and can look over at any moment and say "i told ya" kept me from  consistently checking these websites today. this also showed me how often i check these websites.
sometimes he calls me a little kid because of the way i act and this drives me crazy. again, he is right. today we were in target and i wandered off while he was gathering office supplies. he found me in the chocolate isle debating on whether to get dove peppermint bark or hersheys mint bliss. he told me i couldn't get either. i got pouty, and walked off slowly, dragging my feet, only answering him with short answers like "hmph" and "meh." and he called me a little kid. i guess i do act like one sometimes. so i called him dad. 
he didn't like that either :)

truly, i don't know where'd i be without him. he is my favorite person to be with. and these little things about him make me laugh. he wants me to succeed and not be fat. and i appreciate him for that.



  1. what office are you sharing? garage? you guys getting your own place soon? and that's sad he wont let you eat chocolate. do what YOU want! haha.

  2. he does let me eat chocolate.. and thats the problem. he has to control my intake :) no, we're inside now. the garage is tooooo cold. and hopefully moving out beginning of january

  3. thats way too funny. but its one candy bar, come on?! enjoy it!

  4. seriously though i didn't know they had a dove peppermint bark bar! i want!!

  5. it was more like a bag of chocolate.. but still. don't worry girls! i keep a stash of chocolate at all times :)

  6. haha good chocolate = happiness! i have a hard time controlling my intake too ;) and i'm glad you're inside now to keep warm! good luck on hunting for a new place, come to boise!

  7. haha.. I liked picturing you acting like a kid. For some reason, the easiest to picture was "meh" haha... don't know why? Anyway, I love you. And chocolate. So that's good.

  8. dar ... just found your blog from How Does She! you go girl. i know we were only in the same ward for like 3 months, but i can still say you go girl. i just wanted to say i LOVE this post and i love that you are real about you and your man. i'm kinda tired of bloggers' lives appearing perfect, ya know? good for your man calling you out on being a baby and good for you for realizing it :)


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