Tuesday, January 10, 2012

another wedgie

 spice girls for life. 
they have enslaved me into this love for wedges. and talllll wedges. 
in high school, i owned a pair of very tall wedges. and i wore them like it was no ones business. (i'm embarrassed about it now, they were quite hideous.) and i thought i was over this phase until jeffery campell came to life. although, i can't afford his shoes, he has shown me that they never went out of style. in fact, they are crazier and more hideous than ever. i think that's why people wear them. unfortunately, i live in idaho, and i don't think this trend will ever happen here. 
oh well, i'll still wear them likes it's no ones business.



  1. Glad i caught up with your life on your blog. I secretly love wedges and everyt ime i come home to california i want to wear them all the time. But for some reason i don't fit in wearing them around good ol Rexy Idaho!

  2. Sometimes you just have to rock a style like it's your personal business, and you do it like a freaking pro! Every time I see big wedges like that I tho m of how you bought some online even though Tanner hates (hated?) them and it makes me laugh. We don't have a choice, right? Someone has to do it!

  3. I've always LOVED wedges!!! My friends tease me about wearing tall shoes (even to the park, lol) but it's one of my quirks and one of the things they love about me =)


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