Monday, January 9, 2012


 tanner and i went out on a date to tucanos before he left to florida for a week. that boy is always leaving me. he's really good at making up for it by buying me things :) he left during church so i had to teach our class by myself. we now teach the sunbeams (3 yr. olds)  instead of the 7-8 yr. olds and this was my first time meeting them. they were so cute! we have 5 in our class and they are just the sweetest things. they are so hard to understand, so hard to keep their attention, and so hard to keep still. we ended up just coloring and playing duck duck goose while i tried slipping in a little message. i couldn't stop laughing at how cute they were. 
i'm really excited for this calling.



  1. Seriously I love the outfit as well! You rock the wedges! I want some!

  2. why did he go to florida? wait so are you going for the whole fashion blog thing? if so you should be labeling where you bought your clothes!! right?


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