Friday, January 6, 2012

sad face happy face

sometimes when i have my "normal" face on i get asked if i'm sad. my "normal" face is my face expression when i'm not smiling. i've realized this in pictures that if i'm not smiling, i look sad. like a puppy dog. take the first picture for example. a little bit of sadness there.. when really, i'm as happy as a kite. prime example....
 sad huh?
okay i lied. i was sad in this one. i had my heart set on going to get all you can eat french toast at kneaders but we got there after they stopped serving breakfast. this is me still thinking about it :)



  1. my "normal" face looks like I'm glaring. (i have squinty eyes..) And so whenever I'm not smiling people ask me if I'm angry. Haha. Classic! Glad I'm not the only one with that problem, although I wish I looked sad, not angry!

  2. i dont think you look sad. i think you look sexy. and that last one is funny looks like youre gonna punch someone.

  3. sad face wouldn't be too bad. mine's more like unapproachable and judgmental. unintentionally, of course :)


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