Thursday, January 5, 2012


i don't know what's gotten into me lately. i craved mushrooms last night. and i haven't craved ice cream in a while. i hate mushrooms and i love ice cream. i never thought this day would come. i ended up making a mushroom shrimp pasta and it was excellent. i started getting worried because tanner is going out of town all of next week and normally when he is gone, i get an oreo ice cream shake from jack in the box (and 2 tacos of course) then i eat them in my bed while watching hulu. what if i don't want my shake?? hmmmm.. this is a problem. i called my mom and said guess what i craved last night for the first time?! and she answered, mushrooms. then she started laughing and said, no really, what did you crave? i guess i'm expanding my horizons... or it just might be a part of my 1/3 life crisis. 


  1. I LOVE mushrooms! and mushroom and shrimp pasta sounds DELICIOUS right now! I miss you dardar!!! Hope you guys are doing great!!!

  2. Ah how I wish we had a jack in the box cause that's all I ever get and crave!

  3. Or maybe you're PREGNANT!!! Ever thought of that one? ;)


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