Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i shot a wedding with cristi and summer while i was in utah for christmas. although i was filming, i was able to sneak a few still shots. i've been working on putting a website together but i have ran into more than enough headaches. hopefully it will be up and running soon. i was thinking back to high school and when i wrote out my 5-10 year plan. i wanted to be married by 21, have kids by 23 (not going to happen) and own my own videography business by 25. so far, things are in check (mostly.) and hopefully things will keep going as well as they have been. tanner has definitely been a big part on getting me going and he has been very supportive. i'm grateful for him.
i also had a little 1/3 life crisis today. i had to drive for a few hours this morning so i had lots of time to think to myself. i started thinking of all the things i want to do before i die. and reality hit me that some of them won't happen. kind of made me sad, but also motivated to do whatever i can now. starting with my business. i'll let ya know how things go!



  1. i was talking to summer about this! i can't wait to see more!!

  2. Those are GORGEOUS shots Dar! Where did you shoot those? You need to post more pics!


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