Wednesday, January 18, 2012

most recent

this is the most recent wedding video i finished. this was filmed in my husband's home town of gool 'ol ontario oregon. speaking of ontario, there has been small talk of moving there for a little bit. i thought the small talk was very small until we looked at a house there. i cried for the next 45 minutes home. i think tanner got the idea that i do not want to live there. the house was great, too great. but, this place, this place is somewhere i told myself i would never ever in a million years live. i just like to say it's special and it's only purpose should be to drive through to get to portland. we are currently looking at every other option available right now. i love looking at homes! i love fantasizing of how i would decorate and i especially love fantasizing about what i would plant in the yard. 
what a fun time in our lives!


  1. Oh man I wish you would have been there for my wedding! I also watched the Brynn/Mindy Gledhill one which made me cry. Love love love. Girl- you are good. Maybe I'll have you come over sometime and film bedtime with my boys so I'll always have it. Let's do another girl's night soon!


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