Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a package

i'm excited to be sending out my first official wedding video! i had put a lot of time into looking for packaging when little did i know, it was all in my own house. i love this look and i think it fits the look i'm going for. i've been working on a website for the last week and i'm hoping i'll have it finished and running by the end of this week! things are coming together and it feels good. videography has been a love of mine since forever. (i'm the kind of person who enjoys watching other peoples home videos) i really started getting into it my sophomore year of high school and i knew i wanted to own my own business where i could work out of my home one day. being a mom comes first for me but this is something i can do now, and then on the side once those little chil'ns come our way.


  1. Question is WHEN will those little ones be coming? Nixon needs more cousins!

  2. AGREED! thats awesome dar, can't wait to see your site. and i love the packaging, that's how i do my meggie's love stuff too. and will you bring me over an oreo truffle please? mmmmmm.


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