Thursday, February 2, 2012

bottomless pit

during my workout last night, i started to feel really fatigued. i couldn't stop thinking about food and i wanted/needed it right now. i had already eaten dinner but i felt like i hadn't eaten in days. the second we got home i finished off the remainder of the baguette we had with dinner. i soaked that bad boy into balsamic vinegar and for some reason this made me crave oreos. we didn't have any, but i was saved by some cookies and cream ice cream. without shame, i sat in front of the tv and finished off the carton. THEN i found a symphony candy bar and knocked that out. king size i might add. washed it all down with milk and then went to bed. 
i slept like an angel.


  1. I love this outfit. So classic. And those shoes are to die for! I'm super short so I'm pretty much a high heel addict... any heels... especially wedges [because I can still walk around and be a mom in them].



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