Wednesday, February 1, 2012


i'm officially a graduate of byu-idaho! technically, i should have graduated last april. tanner received his diploma a few months ago and i just assumed that mine got sent to my parents. my parents told me they hadn't seen it but they also recently moved and i thought it would turn up. finally tanner told me to call the school just to make sure it got sent. well, it didn't. and well, they said i still had ONE credit to complete. this was quite frustrating and i didn't want to pay for an online class. there is no way i could have mis-counted my credits and classes. i went to my adviser so many times just to make sure everything was on track. there weren't any problems before i got my gown, walked and everything. i was confused to say the least. anyways, an angel from byu-idaho got the credit waived because she found a class i took for fun but didn't count toward my major, and decided to use that class as my one credit. i felt as releived as i did when i took my last final.
my diploma finally came in the mail today and now i want to throw my cap in the air again!

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  1. Darlene! I love all of your pictures!! Does Tanner take them for you?!

    Also, Congrats on graduating- it's the best feeling to be done!


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