Monday, February 27, 2012


 we moved proof over the weekend into a cool new place. the outside looks like a western saloon and the inside has wood panels. very fitting for them. things just weren't working out to well having the business in the house :)

we got away to mccall late friday night and did some skiing on saturday. the snow was good. and cold. very very cold. we took a long nap in the late afternoon which rarely happens so i loved it. we came home for church on sunday and it was our last time teaching our sweet sunbeams. i'll miss those 'lil munchkins. we played duck duck goose and one boy in our class kept saying "duck, duck, gooser!" it was cute. we sat by a lady in church who was pretty weird. she kept having tanner and i smell her essential oil and asking if we could feel our stress releasing. then she told me her phone was possessed by satan. really strange, huh? 
we got everything put away and settled into our new place last night and today we went shopping for some decor and groceries. i can't wait for it to warm up a bit so i can get some flowers planted! it's really nice having our own place again but we've already been back to brooks and cristi's twice today. in fact, we're here right now because we don't have internet yet. we just can't get enough of those two :)

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