Thursday, March 1, 2012

21 inches

*quick note*
i keep teaching tanner how to focus the camera...
and this is what i get :)
 still out of focus...
 nope, not any better

it's really convenient for the both of us to be able to leave to mccall when it snows. we came up last night and finished the hunger games series while laying in bed. we were a bit disappointed with the ending but i'd still recommend the books.
 we finally had the best snow fall of the season. we over heard someone say it was 21 inches. but.... i didn't take much advantage of it. i had to get some stuff done this morning while tanner went out and then i ended up riding for a little over an hour before my legs were on fire. this is a good sign, meaning the snow is great, but then i start getting thrown around like a rag doll. at this point i'm just waiting to hurt myself :) 
we have lots of movies we stocked up on and we brought way more food then we needed to. i think we're kind of hoping to get snowed in up here.
 we love my in-laws cozy little cottage and are so lucky to be able to take a lot of advantage of it.

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  1. haha oh my gosh tanner is really shoveling snow in a top hat. that is hilarious


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