Thursday, March 15, 2012

fun fun fun

i love girl time!
 i was so lucky to have chantelle stop through boise and spend the night with us. she and i got ice cream at goodies and then went to the vow. i left my love at home.. to stay lost in his march madness. i liked the vow a lot more then i thought i would. okay, i think i loved it. and i'd really like to see it again. thanks for coming chan! you should all follow her CUTE blog at shopping for distractions.
and now..... my sister is here visiting for the rest of the week! it's been such a treat!
today we don't have anything planned but to get awapuhi hair treatments this afternoon and then make st. patty sugar cookies! ah, things are so good. even with all this rain. it's all so good. 

oh, the grapefruit was perfect. so it deserved a perfect picture.


  1. OMGGGGGGG YOU DID NOT! haha i tried doing my hair like that today and failed! Greasy hair + full bun = doesn't work. You look amazing as always!

  2. dar, i tagged you in a post!


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