Wednesday, March 14, 2012

stolen sunday

how perfect are these scarves?! when i was at the tradeshow a month ago, i couldn't help but stop by this booth. i thought they were so cute and cozy! 

this cute girl, jacy ceccarelli, is the owner, with the dubbed title of a scarfiologist! 
here's some interesting info about this company..

Stolen Sunday is a young company based out of San Francisco. We launched in the early summer of 2011 with awesome success at the Outside Lands music festival. Since then the momentum behind the company has been unstoppable. It seems like every week we are in new stores and we are lucky to have an awesome an interested crew of scarf and scoodie lovers who support us. It seems like people are ready to get behind the carefree fashion and fun-loving vibe that Stolen Sunday embodies.

Creating radical clothing is one of our goals at Stolen Sunday, the other is to do it the right way, and we are proud to be an American-made company through and through. Everything we sell is made in San Francisco and we exclusively source American knit fabrics. We are proud to think we are helping to create jobs in our community.

Stolen Sunday is owned by 25 year old Jacy Ceccarelli - a self titled scarfologist. Jacy didn't go to fashion school or business school, but when she moved to San Francisco she decided she wanted to create something that reflected both her personality and that of San Francisco. And Stolen Sunday was born.

Stolen Sunday's products are urban, funky, comfortable and just really good looking. Jacy wants fashion to be fun, empowering and accessible to any and everyone. Her design goal is that when somebody throws on a Stolen Sunday scoodie (scarf-hoodie) that they will feel like a superhero... unstoppable, beautiful, a little weird and wild, and ready to take on the world!

check out their online store here!!

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