Wednesday, March 21, 2012

relief society

 spring is springing!

i miss you sister.

i love the relief society! we moved into a new ward, and the sisters have been great. i went to the RS birthday last night and got to mingle with everyone. they played a little game called "do you know" where random questions were asked about the sisters and you'd guess who the question was about. anyways, one question was asked "do you know who used to ride their horse on fairview before it was a street?" it was guessed correctly, that a sister who is in her 80's used to ride her horse on fairview. the 80 yr. old sister asked how someone guessed it was her. the one who guessed replied that the 80 yr. old was the only one old enough who could have been around before it was a street. the 80 yr. old then stood up, pumped out her chest and put her arms out and said "you wanna take this outside?" i laughed and laughed, and i'm still laughing thinking about it. maybe you just had to be there..



  1. Bahaha Ohhh I love old people. Classic!

  2. ah so sad when sissies leave :(( tear for you


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