Monday, April 16, 2012


we bumped into my mama on her morning walk :)
in this post, i talked about how my dad used to take me on walks around the block and he would pick blossoms for me. well, 20+ years later, nothing has changed. i went to visit my family in utah last week and one morning my dad wanted to take me out for breakfast. on the way to the car, he said, hey lets go take a walk. i knew what this meant and i gladly followed :) he plucked me a stem from every bush and tree we passed and then put them in water when we got home. then he took me to a very cute diner where i had french toast and hot chocolate for breakfast. i love my dad so much! i have really found an appreciation for my family now that i am married and moved away. i just cherish those times now that i get to spend with them.



  1. wow most adorable post ever, your dad is so sweet il ove this. i remember from your wedding reception. he realllly loves you a lot, youre a lucky girl :)

  2. that is the sweetest thing i've ever seen.

  3. thanks you guys. he's a big teddy bear!


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