Friday, April 13, 2012

if i was your boyfriend...

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"I'd never let you go."
I sure hope some of you know what song I was referring to.. I'm a big Justin Bieber fan. There I said it. Now it's time to talk about boyfriend jeans. What do you think? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Not really sure? Maybe this post can sway you a little bit into giving them a try. I'm going to give you three reasons to love them and three ways to wear them.

Reasons to love:
1. They are comfortable.
2. They are comfortable.
3. They are comfortable.

I can't stress that enough of how comfy these jeans are! No more riding up the bum, no more falling off the hips, and no more squatting to stretch them out. They fit wonderfully.
Here are the three looks I'd like to share with you. First we have the...
Dressed up:
Wear something very feminine on top. Ruffles, lace, flowers, and jewelry really dress it up! And of course, the heels!
Dressed down:
Flats or sandals create a casual look. I prefer wearing a looser top, but a fitted one would look great as well!
Wear a top that is plain and simple without too much pattern.
Subtle, yet bold jewelry is always a great way to spice an outfit up. Since the jeans are different than regular jeans, they alone make the outfit.
Boyfriend look:
I call this the boyfriend look because it reminds me of this look here.
I chose blue and green since they are boyish colors. But with the dressed up look, I went with the pink.
Why not wear military boots if you're wearing boyfriend jeans? This could do without the cardigan, but it adds a little bit more to it :)
So ladies, what do you think? Keep an open mind that you can alter these looks in any way to fit your style and comfort. Would you wear them? How about this.. I'd love to see some photos! Send me a link to your posts if you're up for trying these boyfriend jeans out!
(bf jeans purchased online from "lands end canvas")



  1. omg! your amazing! love boyfriend jeans! You've given me new ways to wear mine!

  2. I LIVE in BF jeans. Check out the ones at Nordstrom by Rich & Skinny. I have 4 pairs all different washes, definitely addicted haha. Looking cute as always Dar!

  3. Such a cute post!!! I need to find me another pair of bf jeans :)

  4. I have to know where you got those shirts in the first 2 pictures ?

  5. thanks girls! always too sweet :) hi jessica! i got them from h&m. actually, i'm pretty sure all the tops i'm wearing in these photos are from h&m... not planned :)

  6. This is officially my new favorite fashion blog!! Love you and your style!!

  7. Dar, I am laughing as yesterday I put a pair of skinny jeans in the Goodwill pile as I could not handles them falling off my backside any longer! Then as I dressed this morning, and squatted at least five times to stretch out today's jeans so they wouldn't fall off my butt too much, I thought to myself, "I need to find some new jeans!" Perfect timing! So what store has your favorite boyfriend jean?

    1. hahahaha oh laura, that's super funny :) i got mine online from lands end canvas.. but i'm sure you could find them at target or like the gap or somewhere :)


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