Monday, June 11, 2012

first camping weekend

 i asked tan if he wanted to wear my sunglasses to protect his eyes and he said no. i bet he wished he did! poor lil fella
 making the perfect roasting stick
i really hope we have more opportunities to go camping this summer because i really enjoy it. i definitely am not the more experienced camper, nor do i truly care to be, i just like to be in nature with my hubs, eating hot dogs and roasting marshmallows. being with good friends makes it all the better! drew and megan are always fun to be with. we lucked out with great weather friday night and we hit up the hot springs. the next morning was rainy and cold. we ended up cutting it short and just going home because it's not fun being wet and cold! hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. yay so glad you got to camp and ride in meg and drew's rad van, i wish i could! looks like lots of fun! and is tanner getting better, poor guy? he looks pretty dang skinny winny. glad you guys are loving idaho so much!

  2. that was so fun! let's do it again! i love hot dogs and i love camping, haha.


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