Friday, June 8, 2012

polkies and stripes

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Now-a-days, I think you can get away with wearing ANYTHING. I have seen some crazy/questionable/interesting outfits and I always end up thinking, huh, that's kind of cool. I guess I have been feeling a need to try something a little different and fun. So why not pair polka dots and stripes together?!
I know that I'm breaking several fashion "rules" in this post such as pairing stripes with another pattern AS WELL AS wearing horizontal stripes, which, in theory, can make you look wider. Whatever, when I break one rule, I go crazy and break 'em all ;)
I was quite surprised when I turned to my closet to find I had a lot of items with either stripes or polka dots. I was even more surprised to put them together and have them look cute!
(Well, I think so anyway)
(sunglasses: proof wood eyewear, top: forever21, pants & necklace: gift from husband (china) shoes:thrifted)
Try something bold by wearing only stripes and polka dots like the look above. Or you can be more subtle like the look below.
Only the shoes and scarf have polka dots while the shirt is striped. Having a solid color of pants or bottoms really help break up the outfit. And, is more acceptable to the so dubbed fashion rules.
And I apologize, this is like the 4th post using these white pants. I think I really like them.
(scarf: ?, shirt: forever21, pants: marshalls, shoes: toms)
I found that wearing colors in the same color scheme is what made this work. The first outfit was based off of primary colors while this one is obviously shades.
(sunglasses: proof wood eyewear, shirt: H&M, belt: forever21, dress: marshalls)
I want to know what you think. Does this work? Or is this is big no no? What fashion rules are you going to break this summer?


  1. dar i dig it, i would wear those combos for sure. and i say screw fashion rules, beat to your own drum girl! and i like that youre now posting where you buy things, thats the way to fashion blog! and those pants tan got oyu in china are cool and pretty similar to a pair i have, love it!

  2. dang girl can you pull everything off the first combo best! :)

  3. Great looks! Love the way you combined the polkadots with stripes!

    X Esther


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