Monday, February 4, 2013

new year's eve

 i know it's a little late.. but this was our new years. pretty neat right? we had a nice dinner, which i wish i could rave about, but we all agreed that the food was not that great. the experience was though!
(i think thailand thought they were being creative when they made it a western themed night)

we watched lanterns light up the sky from afar, and it was breathtaking. we all sent off our own lanterns with our personal wishes and new years goals. 

 i've always had a hard enough time trying to stay awake 'til midnight, but being on a completely crazy time change, made it that much harder. i'm definitely not what you would call a party animal. 
after dinner we went down to a night market and got our nightly foot massages. we walked around and snacked some more before heading back to our hotel to watch the fireworks and light our lanterns. it was beautiful to watch.
 this was my best new years to date, it was fun, mellow, and i was with loved ones. 
just the way i like it.



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